• Year: 2018

  • Service: UX, Design, Development

  • Implementation time: 3 months

Case study:

Story about how we tamed the GDPR provisions


On May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation of the GDPR (RODO) entered into force in all countries belonging to the European Union. The new law protects users and their data, and imposes specific obligations on entities processing them. To meet them, we have created a platform that allows you to systematize knowledge, facilitate the implementation of GDPR in companies and process required documents in accordance with the law.


The implementation and maintenance of GDPR documentation in accordance with the law iscomplicated, time-consuming and cannot be avoided. Usually lawyers' support is needed, which in turn significantly increases the costs of the whole operation.


Our Clients and ourselves had to implement the GDPR and then keep records in accordancewith the law. We needed a tool that would help us deal with all this in the easiest way possible.


Our solution

We decided to solve this issue the way we like - comprehensively. Using the substantive support of one of the best lawyers in the country specializing in this field, we have created a platform through which we quickly implement the indicated procedures, generate new documents (authorizations, entrustments) and monitor the deadlines imposed on us, and all this takes place in a few minutes and without involving specialists.

Most important features


1. Easy handling


2. Quick implementation


3. One account for
many institutions


4. Reduction of documentation
management costs

Analysis risk

5. Risk analysis

Time left

6. Option to monitor
the time since
reporting the violation




8. Access


A simple way
to a complicated GDPR

Navigation is extremely simple. We have included all the most important functionalities in four transparent blocks.

The system prompts you to take steps to properly create and save documents, complete the procedure, or grant or revoke permissions for a particular employee.


Implementation faster than
Pendolino's journey from Warsaw to Gdansk

You do not need a staff of specialists to properly implement the GDPR in your company. Justrely on the recommended order of individual activities. The system will lead you by the hand and remind you about the most important activities. All this should take up to 3 hours!

Anna Mrozowska

~ Anna Mrozowska, lawyer and practitioner. Co-author of Niezbędnik RODO


The GDPR applies to almost every company and institution. Thanks to Niezbędnik RODO, you can independently implement procedures and maintain legal documentation. The whole process can take about 80% faster. "


The first such comprehensive
solution in Poland

Oskar Gęsina

~ Oskar Gęsina, Intergree.eu


Before the provisions of the GDPR entered into force, as an entrepreneur, we were overwhelmed by the number of procedures that we must implement in our company. We were looking for a tool that would relieve us of this bit. However, it quickly turned out that there is no platform that allows you to easily implement and then keep the documentation required by law. So we decided to create the tool ourselves. Exactly what we and hundreds of companies and institutions in Poland needed. Over time, we've improved the Niezbędnik RODO and added functionalities that we can't imagine working without."


A simple and quick way to board new employees

Entrusting personal data to a new employee is connected with the obligation to conclude a properly constructed contract, and then control these access, and modify them.

Thanks to Niezbędnik RODO, you can prepare it quickly and easily. In one place you will find all information about individual employees and all documents shared with them.


The perfect tool for professionals

The Niezbędnik RODO was created to facilitate the work of Data Protection Officers. It speeds up, systematizes and allows you to validate your activities.

You can manage many companies from one place - each of them has its own individual accounts and resources.


Why we love it

First of all, this one tool is enough to handle all matters related to the GDPR. It's super simple, so everyone can easily handle the topic and will quickly find out that this is not a terrible GDPR!

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