We are a modern software company creating high quality IT solutions. Our main goal is safety, intuitiveness and usability of created products, while offering a wide range of solutions ranging from mobile applications, websites to online e-commerce platforms and those offering customer service or staff management. We always put the user of our solutions in the first place, we care about the purpose of activities and perfectly match the software to the type of business. We are able to find ourselves in every market segment by being flexible. As we say: nothing is impossible for us. We specialize in working for companies in the B2B e-commerce and insurance, financial, legal and tourist industries. The base of our activities on four pillars.

1. Business analysis - first step to success

We start each automation process with a detailed analysis of the initial situation. Firstly it’s conducted by taking a closer look at the scope of company’s activity, its the needs, strategy and users of its product or service. We check business potential, verify the existing system or suggest the need for its implementation. We delve into the methodology of the enterprise's operation, while systematically cooperating with its employees in the workshop, listening to their needs and comments. It allows getting to know the actual picture of the process and finding restrictions resulting from the existing IT infrastructure and hindering its operation.

2. IT Consulting - recommendations based on experience and skills

We believe that there is nothing more practical than a good theory, so we create our recommendations based on the previous step - business analysis. Thanks to it, we can formulate all the assumptions necessary to create an IT system. This saves time and costs because the solutions based on the analysis are optimal and justified in business. The result of such analysis may be a map of systems in terms of data integration and consistency. We believe that the adequate IT support increasingly determines quality and competitive advantage of the company or product, and also allows it to spread its wings.

3. UX / UI & Architecture Design - user is at a premium

Creating our projects both from the graphic and technical side, we design the entire process, adequate to the nature and purpose of optimization. Our design process includes UX/UI design and system architecture. User experience design is a complex process that cannot exist without knowledge of business and marketing strategy of a company or product. That is why we gladly organize workshops for our clients, in which we both share and acquire knowledge, organize interviews with users, conduct research and thorough analysis. In this way, we can develop key assumptions. By selecting modules on an ongoing basis, we expand the product structure and create a network of connections on which user can move. The data flow diagram makes it easier for client to understand the system and for programmer to implement it. It is especially important for client at the stage of transferring the project, because it makes it easier for his IT department or other company to navigate the project.

4. Software development - magic in the hands of programmers

Not only does the development process include the software design and implementation stage, but also its subsequent maintenance. We implement each product module on an ongoing basis. By building our solutions based on customer needs and our skills, we are providing services at the highest level. We select technology so that the solution we create can be improved and provide flexibility in changes in the content of the system. We make sure that the final product is useful and easy to use.

Our team consists of enthusiasts who constantly develop their skills, study trends on a regular basis, but also have various interests, ranging from microelectronics and automotive, to abstract painting. We focus on development, good atmosphere and professionalism. We love challenges so we make every effort to ensure that the final project developed by us reaches the stars.