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How we got into a fight with Excel.

When you buy a new phone, it would be worth insuring it. Imagine you have to go to the other end of town and wait for the insurance agent to open a spreadsheet, prepare your contract, print it and give it to you to sign.

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Pre-implementation Analysis - The Power of IT Audit at Business Process Services

Tracing and understanding business processes in customer's company are the first steps to begin with before delivering a reliable quotation. Identyfing client's needs correctly let's us save his time and resources during development process. We'd like to present you how the quotation procedure looks in Integree.

Why do you need all this UX? About the magic of good user experience

UX - a mysterious abbreviation, not fully understood in the right way. Everybody wants it, only a few have it. One bad experience is enough, and the risk that the product will be irretrievably put on the shelf increases in proportion to the level of negative feelings of the user. So, what is the term "user experience" at all? And why is a good UX design process an integral part of a recipe for a perfect product?

How to manage GDPR in a company? - A short guide for entrepreneurs.

GDPR massively bothers all company owners, who have to face managing personal data of their clients and employees. This regulation imposes a number of implications and commitments and seems to be very complicated. But is that really the case? In the framework of our developing activities we decided to sort this problem out and to show that GDPR is not as scary as it seems, if you posses the appropriate tools.

A small step for Integree, a giant leap for the future, therefore “hello world” for our new website!

It’s us, Integree - team powered by technology and driven by talent! In a style worthy of Neil Armstrong himself, we take our first step in social media and present our new website. And by the way we talk a little about ourselves and our activities.

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